We have years of experience in designing simple to most complex ropeway system.


Our expert team of engineers are engaged in ropeway operations and maintenance


We manufacture the entire ropeway system through our modern infrastructure


Material Transport

Transport system designed for heavy duty and suitable for impossible terrain and difficult gradients

Material Ropeways of BRECO Ropeways are used around the world for a very wide range of applications. The material ropeway system is selected to suit the specific requirements and is perfectly tailored to the needs of the customer.

The flexibility of ropeway systems such as reversible aerial tramways make them well suited for carrying materials as well as transporting passengers. They can be used for moving machinery or bulk materials and unit loads from one place to another. They are a popular choice in situations where truck transport would simply be uneconomical or inaccessible.


Urban Transport Solution

An elevated and aerial mode of urban transport.

The CURVO Concept

CURVO Ropeway is an answer to alternative Urban Commutation System. It is adaptable and amendable to bends, being able to follow existing road routes, travelling overhead without consuming or interfering with road space below and the vehicular traffic that plies through it.

The CURVO Ropeway is operable over congested serpentine metro roads. Its enormous potential for congested cities of the world as a safe, environment friendly, comfortable, accident free, economic mode of transport is soliciting to be utilized for providing a 2nd Tier mass transportation facility to the populance.

Thus for the first time a conceptual solution to radically overhaul the city transport sector is in the offering.


Tourism and Adventure

A streess free sightseeing and ecological friendly transport system...

Ropeways do not only exist to take people from the bottom to the top but also for relaxed sightseeing, stress-free arrival which is timesaving and ecologically friendly.

The premium architecture, cable-drawn transport systems often belong to touristic attractions and offer a very positive experience to the passengers. The adventure of the ride on aerial tramways is an experience by itself. Passengers are offered a view from above that they would have missed with a tour bus or a private car.


Hill Transport

Transport system designed for heavy duty and suitable for impossible terrain and difficult gradients
  • Using our top class system all kinds of materials are transported safely and efficiently to their destination
  • Every system is designed using cutting edge technology for reliable services.

River Crossing

Breco specilizes in river crossing tramway systems.

Winter Sports

An elevated passenger ropeway system!

During the 1930s Americans started beginning to embrace winter sports and to enjoy the most scenic attractions operated through mountainous territory in the Western United States,an elevated Passenger Ropeway, or chairlift which consists of a continuously circulating steel cable loop strung between two end terminals ,usually over intermediate towers, carrying a series of chairs were introduced.

They are the primary on hill transport at most “Ski” areas and are referred as ‘skilifts’, but are also found at amusement parks, various tourist attraction.


Breco Ropeways Ltd was formed out of British Ropeway Engineering Company, in the year 1958, for the projects in the Eastern hemisphere. Evoluation of technology for alternative Aerial transportation to serve basic need in transportation was its main objective.

Company’s Expertise and Services:

  • Detailed survey of Ropeway
  • Techno-Commercial Feasibility Study
  • Ropeway Designing, Manufacturing, Supply
  • Erection and Commissioning
  • Operation and Maintenance



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